Breakin the mold: How To Reinvent Yourself

Have you ever yearned to break free? You know, that sudden urge to do something totally different with your life; something wild, something bold and awesome, but then hold it off for another day, a later time, hoarding the really cool idea until the energy rebels and starts kicking down your inner walls, building and lingering in your mind like a dark green stench infesting the body and brain, getting louder and louder, ready to be unleashed!! Then BOOM! You explode and blossom into the most beautiful flower. I think y’all get what I mean. Change is a universal everyday thing; usually I get strong cravings to evolve (everything) right around the corner of winters decline towards the sprouting of Spring and it makes sense because it’s the season of TRANSFORMATION! In this post you’ll find positive ideas that I personally love to do for a good Spring cleaning of the mind and revolution of the self because anytime is a good time for a revolution. Let’s go

The first MUST to a really good switch in lifestyles is GRADITUDE. If you’re going to reinvent yourself do it with gratitude because Gratitude IS the Attitude my friends and here’s why: it helps soothes you from anxiety, anger, pain to feelings of relief, tranquility, all the good in life with love and appreciation. Yes, it’s not the end all be all recipe for ridding your problems but, it definitely helps from consuming too much negativity. I remember when I used to live as a sourpuss constantly bitching about everything. I had to “check myself” as Ice Cube’s message suggests, and do A LOT of inner work: Love myself, accept myself and where I was at the time by learning to face myself and identify my false beliefs. I also had to forgive myself and at times it hurt because I realized that’s what I was doing to myself and others, but in the end it helped me see again, and when you see clearly, you see all the wonderful things in your life – the roof over your head, money always being in your life, clean water to drink, loved ones and their health and well being, the sun, the air that you breathe and the fact that your here another day to live your best life. That is the gift within itself. Start by taking a pen or anything to write with, any kind of paper and free write all the wonderful things in life that your grateful for. If you don’t want to write you can always say it in your head before you go to sleep, after you wake up or anytime of the day. Gratitude is for everyone and there’s lots be thankful for.  

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Meditation to improve quality of life. Seriously bro, meditation is where it’s at for a full on restart especially if you’re in a funk, confused, fearful, emotional or just having a crappy day, taking the time to sit or lie down somewhere serene with closed eyes will bring so much relief. The cool part is a little goes a long way and can be done anywhere, so whether you have 5 minutes left on your lunch break, chillin at a park or waiting for the train, you’ll still reap the benefits of meditation which include but are not limited to: reduced stress, an increase in focus, self awareness an increase in kindness and much more. I like using guided meditations by Agnes Vivarelli to get my mind on track.

Nothing says NEW ME like a fresh hairdo. It’s one of the most fun and liberating things you can do to reinvent yourself, well to me at least ^_^  really anything that switches up your physical appearance in a cool and healthy self loving way is a good idea because life is constantly changing and so are you! Now is the time to dye your hair purple, cut your hair like a pixie or buzz it once and for all. Take the chance! It’ll always grow back. A radical haircut is also really good training for stepping out of your comfort zone, little by little.

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Drink coffee. This one is more of my brother’s thing; he say’s drinking coffee gives him fresh ideas and a restart to his day, feeling brand new every time. If you’re a coffee addict, switch it up and go for the tea or slow it down to one cup a day and add more water to your system after your morning brew but I’m not your mother so it’s all good.

Preikestolen Sunrise Hike

Wake up early. It’s a good habit to pick up: it builds your discipline skills, creates extra time for workouts and nutritious meals. You’re also most creative, productive and concentrated in the morning, making it easier to get shit done and get this, if you have trouble sleeping waking up early can help you fall asleep at a normal bed time. There’s lots of advantages to rising and shining and some of the most successful people, like writer Sylvia Plath and alternative medicine advocate Deepak Chopra, wake up at 4 am to meditate and jump start their day! If they can do it so can we.   

Create a YouTube channel. If you’re the type of person that’s oozing with creativity and needs to get it out then consider starting a channel, you never know where it might lead. Once you get the hang of what your doing, or not! Dedicate yourself anyway to making creative videos as often as you can, then take that often and turn it into one creative video a day for a week. Turn the week into 2 weeks and keep adding to it, making the challenge one video a day for a month. This will keep you sharp but whether you stick with it or not, you’ll still see yourself grow and its well worth the go.  

This GIF Can Stop Your Anxiety Using Breathing Techniques

Breathe deep and long. You’ll feel a difference.

How To Clean Your Closet Out: From Apartment Therapy’s ...
the new potato

Clean out your closet and donate what no longer serves you so it can serve others. When you do donate, do it anonymously. Give because you want to give, not because you want to get “likes” or attention. This goes for relationships of all sorts too, try to see what you can give to the relationship/job/yourself rather than what you can get from them. Anyway back to the material stuff, it’s like a detox; when you finally release the old shoes, the old habits including the negative thought patterns, ex lovers, junk food and so on and so forth, all the sudden the new opportunities, people, places and money that was waiting for you comes pouring in because you finally made room for it! Funny how that works.

Spirit Whisperer Sanctuary

Never stop learning. If that means learning a new language online, teaching yourself how to ice skate, making a new recipe or learning how to love yourself more, make learning a part of your daily mantra and watch the seeds you planted unfold in the best way possible. May the student in you live forever.

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Invest in things that you need not what you want. I recently invested in a Roomba and it was a great little trooper! It did exactly what it was supposed to but then I noticed how lazy I was becoming and realized that I didn’t really need Roomba in my life to do the sweeping for me.. I just WANTED Roomba to do the work. Big difference here between need and want. When you need something, like a toothbrush, nutritious foods, water etc. it benefits towards your life, it’s a part of your basic living essentails but, when you want something it may or may not improve your life and can certaintly function without it because there’s not really a need for it. Catch what I’m saying? Having this moment of clarity has made my role as a consumer a lot easier. I’ve also saved a lot of money this way and value my things a lot more because I am content myself and what I have. If you’re looking to spend less this year and make wiser decisions ask yourself this question next time you go shopping: Do I really need this? Or do I just want it? Im not saying don’t treat yourself of course do as you please, what I am saying is we’re simply human so there’s no right or wrong answer, just a matter of where you want to go and what you want to do. P.s. I ended up returning Roomba and I am happy to have my arms and core workout again.  

Phil Collins style

Self talk! A great way to reinvent yourself is by changing the way you speak to yourself. How you speak to yourself is everything! Words hold power and how you speak to yourself is how you speak to others so at the same time it’s about being conscious of your inner and outer talk, catching yourself when you’re spiraling and snapping back to the version of you who is smart, cherished, talented, adored and beautiful inside and out. When you got this down life becomes a breeze and you’ll thank yourself for doing the inner work.

fear – Stepping Stones

Trust yourself, trust life and take the leap! I truly believe it’s a skill we must all strengthen and make the most out of! When you trust yourself, everything just works out in your favour–landing a job without having to hunt for it, the success of a solo travel adventure, falling in love… When you trust yourself you’re in a zen state where everything flows and there’s nothing to fear. Remember you are always being guided by something bigger than yourself, YOUR higher self.

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Exercise! And If you can do it in nature go for it! There are no excuses for skipping out on a workout, at east 30 mins a day is all you need and heck if you can’t do 30 do 15, or 10, anything no matter how little goes a long way. It can be easy as walking around the block, doing 5 push ups or dancing. Exercise is a must and is a great and healthy way to keep you looking and feeling your best plus it helps reduce anxiety, depression and foster new brain cell growth. Bottom line, exercise is for everyone so get yo body moving!

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A cool makeover. Ahhh another favourite avenue for reinvention…FASHION and SELF CARE! I love a physical makeover because it allows you to experiment with different styles of clothing, skin care, hair, piercings, tattoos. It’s essential and I believe everyone could benefit from a reboot but what I think is the most powerful, rewarding yet challenging part of a physical makeover is the makeover from within. That’s right I’m talking about self love again because at the core of everything in life that’s what it comes down to, how much you love and respect yourself because that inner world love is what’s reflected back to you Out There. It’s interesting and makes sense when you think about it– love yourself first so you can love how you look in your new pair of jeans. Love yourself first so you can muster up the courage to get that buzz cut, the soothing vampire facial. Always wanted to be a DJ but were too scared so you date the disc jockey instead?Love yourself first, dump the guy and grab the music. You can do it. Totally part of the makeover process.

lobster stress

Challenge yourself. Like the lobster, it needs to be stressed and challenged in order to grow into its new shell. When we challenge ourselves, we are able to recognize what is important for our personal development so we can move past the old BS, stick with the challenge and hold ourselves accountable for completing the goal. In the meantime, expect your mind to expand, therefore expanding your world and your “limits”. Expect to have an easier time when obstacles arise but of course this couldn’t have happened without learning from failed successes. So get comfortable with picking yourself back up, dusting off the dirt and starting all over again.

Waters Kicks Off Sock Drive in Seminole

Self love feet. Look at your feet. Are they clean? Soft? Beautiful, callus free and well taken care of? Trimmed nails and all? If not then start paying attention to your feet. They deserve the best too ya know.

Cute Tiny Wrist Tattoos You'll Want to Get Immediately ...

Tattoos and piercings always an exhilarating way to reinvent yourself but if you’re going to get one be original. 

Peter Griffin Funny Quotes. QuotesGram
me time

Spend time with yourself. Especially if you fear it most. This is part of self love 101, learning to accept yourself and be with yourself as your own love and best friend. It’s not as hard as you may think, all you got to do is Prioritize yourself. Face yourself. listen to your body and your truth. You’ll go down many avenues in me time, good avenues that lead you to learn how to entertain yourself, love yourself more and let loose. Laugh at yourself more that’s totally cool and attractive. Inevitably you’ll focus on you more, your ambitions and what you want to do for fun. In the meantime enjoy life and forget about everything for awhile, just remember to come back to a balance with the people you love too.

Ponyo, Ramen..Gosh, I love that animated food! VERY low ...

Learn to cook one thing really well. Once you master the recipe keep adding to your repertoire, It’s an art and a skill that needs to kept active!

Healthy Snacks Malaysia - Healthy Malaysian Fruits You ...

Spice up your diet with fresh foods that are alive and full of nutritional value.

How to Avoid Being Lost in Fast-paced Life

Get lost in nature or a city. Step outside your comfort zone and let yourself be lost whether it’s in your own town or someplace over the rainbow. Not only is getting lost a great exercise for your mind, it’s also great for strengthening your trust muscles. Trust in yourself and trust in the world. You’re a lot safer than you think.

By Andrew Morrison

Relocate. Move! To a different environment out of town, state or country, especially if you’ve lived where you are your entire life thus far. Moving to a new place means a new you. It gives you a chance to grow and break away from the everyday routine and familiar faces. Breakin’ free from the norm also brings a stronger sense of independence. Having you to rely on is one of the best ways to get to know yourself better and experience how much of a boss you really are. Relocating will most definitely bring more wonderful people into your life as an asset to your new found self.  

First time flying? Tips for flying for the first time

Never been on a train or a plane? Well then get on one and go! If you have yet to travel by plane, train or bus, give it a whirl and see how you like it. I know a couple folks who swear they would never get on a plane and yet they long to go to Paris it’s their dream! But  guess what? You have to get on a plane or ship to get from the US to Europe. I get that travel can be scary but 9 times out of 10 its your mind playing tricks on you to freak you out into not going, not dating the guy or girl for fear of commitment, not taking up that job offer because you dont think your adequate for it! It’s fear that keeps us from doing what we crave to do most. So it’s up to you and only you to change up the game or not, but if I were you and I wanted to go to Paris and have never been on a plane, I’d shake the dice and roll. Shake em’ baby shake em’!

Beyond Frenchmen: 5 Great Music Venues Around New Orleans ...

New music! Expand your green coloured collection of tunes into one of multi! Be open to music near, far and whatever comes your way.  

Major Radical Self Love Bible Inspiration! - Gala Darling

Journal. It get’s easier as you make it part of your world. Pick a journal and go crazy– jot down your thoughts, to-do lists, your raps, affirmations, random quotes and songs that come into your head, whatever just start writing. Drawing is highly encouraged as well it’s a great way to exercise your brain and a great way to start a new way of living.

Heavy Monsoon Rains In Mumbai Photos and Images | Getty Images

Take a shower. When the rain washes you clean you’ll know. 

Beauty of moonlight at night sky near sea poetic nature images


Go to the ocean. Any body of water or land that brings you peace and back to center is worth the visit. 

Lestobada Secondary English Blog: Types of Hat

Wear a hat if you don’t usually and try it in different styles like, if you usually wear beanies try a beret. If you usually wear cowboy hats check yourself out in a sombrero. 

5 different escape routes from the cubicle - Screw The Cubicle

Get a new job. Life is short and your responsible for your happiness and well being. If you don’t enjoy what your doing or if you feel like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole, or worse a robot, then it could be time for a change. Only if you feel this is something you’ve been wanting desiring to do for a while. Screw the cubicle! 

Let Go - Art Lovers Australia
Let Go –

Let go of other peoples opinions and expectations. Live for yourself and your expectations. 

Claim your shit with conviction! Claim your new reality! I am wealthy! I am Free! I am Traveling! I am___fill in the blank________!

Talks for when you want to start a new hobby | TED Talks

Take on a new hobby if you feel you get too stuck in your head. Distract yourself with painting, travel, cooking, roller blading! Whatever helps you feel unstuck. 

Hand Letting Balloons Fly Up In The Sky | Stocksy United

Let go of control. This is a personal one for me as well. You ain’t alone!

Be still. 


239 best Sylvester McNutt III images on Pinterest ...

Find ways to love yourself more. You’re never done on this journey. 

Make a bucket list and then watch The Bucket List. 


Live in the moment. 

Mind Power 365 (The Blessed Factory): The Game Of Life and ...
So Good! It will keep you in check too

Forgive the past. Forgive yourself. Forgive others. 

Take everything you hear, including any advice given with a grain of salt. Do what you want to do.

by Kimi Lewis


Avec amour, 





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